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  Welcome to Uragenet Cultural Dress Export Webpage!

Hand woven cushion covers, table runners, stoles and other different types of dresses are available for sale with special design styles. These dresses are made of cotton and polyester.

Our Table Runners are made of top quality Ethiopian cotton and they are a major display of dining room refinement and elegance.

  Uragenet Product Types

  • Table Runners & Clothes
  • Cushion Covers ( 67.5 cotton & 32.5 Polyester )
  • Stoles
    • Gabi   (100 % Cotton)
    •  Netela  (100 % Cotton)
  • Jewelries
  • Swimming or Sopping Bags. ( 67.5 cotton & 32.5 Polyester )
  • Other Dress Types

All products are hand woven.

All necklets and the crosses are made of nickel.  

Just call Ato Fekadu Sebsebe at  +251911609016 or e-mail to the exporter at:

We will accept all the currencies that are used by Ethiopian banks. For applicable currencies look at exchange rate table of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Ethiopians traditional clothes has been made by ‘Shemmanes’ (Dress Weavers) for long time to meet the local market that are mainly made from cotton that is woven together in long strips and then sewn together to make cloth. Currently we mix the traditional (hand woven) and modern way (dyeing and mixing) to produce an eye catching ,decorated and long lasting dresses that are in demand by the Ethiopians especially the Diaspora. Diaspora normally wears traditional clothes on holidays (New Years, Christmas, Easter, Epiphany, etc) and on special occasions like weddings ceremonies and birthdays.

URAGENET is bringing the best designs available in the market so that you will find something unique at every occasion.  








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